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5 Tips To Pass English And Mathematics Examination.



Mathematics and English language are two crucial subjects students. Having a strong grounding in Maths and English is vital for all students . This is because English and maths are important skills that will benefit you in many ways, including your studies, your future employment.

To improve on them, here are 5 things you should do;

1) Set Up A Timetable :A timetable is a really useful tool to help you to pass your exam. It helps you to plan your time carefully; it is of great use in making you identify those areas on which you need to work.

2)Practice Continually :Some people are naturally good at maths, which is a very good development, however, if you struggle with numbers, your best bet is to practise.Get approved past questions, work through then and by the time, the examination comes around, you will be better equipped to handle whatever question pops up.

3)3. Create a study sheet with the most important information.As you prepare for your examination, you should consider creating a study sheet, that you can keep on your person.According to

you improve your ability to remember what’s important by identifying all of the most important formulas, concepts, terms, and other information that you think you will need to know to pass your examination and then write this information down on a notecard or sheet of paper.Keep it on you and take it out to read through it whenever you get a chance.

4)Stay within the syllabus:Apart from saving you study times, paying attention to the syllabus helps you cover the topics stipulated by the examination body.

5)Pay attention to these topics in English Language:Part of speech, Tenses, Rules of Concord, Vocabulary (this will help you to express yourself well) and Essay/Letter writing. Punctuation and correct spelling are also essential. Here’s a free resource from

Source :Punch Newspaper.

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