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Agaba Idu – OB JACOBS [Mp3 + Lyrics]



Agaba Idu - OB JACOBS
OB JACOBS is Nigerian based Gospel minister, concentrated, dedicated and consistent pursuer of God and His kingdom affairs, who has blessed life’s through music and other mediums over the years, He comes up with another song titled; “AGABA IDU”, some of his previous songs which are HALLELUJAH, WONDERS, NAGODE and BE GLORIFIED which has bless life’s, bring healings and deliver souls over the years, testimonies rose as a medium of coming encounter with the previous songs, this new release won’t be an exception…
OB JACOBS pen down that; AGABA IDU is a song of praise to God that proceed out of a depth Revelation from God, the song reveals the Almightiness and the supremacy of God’s Glory that has been uncovered to humanity, giving God Glory from the totality of our heart and soul and showcasing God’s Awesomeness to the world at large.

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Lyrics: Agaba Idu – OB JACOBS
Hallelujah unto AGABA IDU ehh

Verse 1:
Wordy is the lamb
He who died upon the cross
Glory to the king
Limitless, Ageless, changeless God
All power belongs to you!!
That’s why we sing Hallelujah
Helle Halle.. Halle Halle..lujah

Limitless God
You can never be measured
Ageless God
You’re older than time
Changeless God
You’re too faithful, Never to fail me
Agaba_idu ehh, Agaba_idu ehh (2x)

Verse 2:
Okuku mi, kadanè wè, Agaba_idu eh
(My kneels are on the ground for you, lion of the tribe of Judah)
Ukpayuchaka chòwò wè-idè o ójó_mi
(Everything is in your hand, my God)
Onu amonu,. Abogu-ijo Aménu, Utógba
(King of Kings)(Elder of Elders) ójókimanégòn….. Agaba-idu
(God that don’t have an age-mate)


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