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Almighty God – Chidinma Esther ft Jeffson Dozie



Almighty God - Chidinma Esther ft Jeffson Dozie

Gospel Music Minister, Singer and Song Writer, Chidinma Esther debuts her new single titled “Almighty God”, a powerful worship song that will lead you to the throne of God in Worship.

“God Alone is Mighty and Powerful, he holds all powers in his hands and him alone is worthy of our Praise and Worship. To him be all the Glory, Amen!!” – Chidinma Esther.
This wonderful song features Jeffson Dozie.

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Lyrics: Almighty God – Chidinma Esther ft Jeffson Dozie
Oooooooohhhh Jehovah oooooo
Onye ji ike nile n’aka

Onye ji ike nile n’aka (He Who Holds All Powers in his Hands)
Onye ji ike nile n’aka
Jehovah, onye ji ike nile n’aka

Onye ji ike nile n’aka
Onye ji ike nile n’aka ya
Jehovah, so gi ji ike nile n’aka

Ogbajuo doro akpoba chineke oza (When their is trials and troubles, we call upon God and he Answers)
Akpoba Chineke Ozan (We Call Upon God and he answers)
Onye ji ike nile n’aka (He who holds all powers in his hands) Heeeeehhee (2x)

Choir Repeats the Above (Straight)

Omnipotent God (3x)
Jehovah Almighty God
Who shall speak o when the Lord has not spoken o
Ogbara nkiti okwu biri na onu ya daddy (He keeps quiet but has the Final Say)
So gi ji ike nile n’aka (Only you holds all the Power in your Hands)
You have the power eeh to kill and make alive
You kill and make alive, Jehovah Almighty God
Almighty God (2x) Jehovah
You are the Almighty God

(God Almighty, Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah, You are God Almighty)

Verse: (Jeffson Dozie)
My Glory and the Lifter up of my head oh God
My Strong tower that is who you became oh Lord
All power in heaven and on earth belongs to you onye ji ike nile n’aka
God of All Flesh, God of all Ages, God of all times, you alone has the power to heal to deliver and to set every captive free, you alone gat the power oh God yeah
Amama masi amasi (He who No one Ever knows Completely)
Oje na muo ka I bu (He who Operates in the Spirit)
Odum ebo Judea (Lion of the Tribe of Judea)
Ebube Dike ka I bu (Glorious and Powerful You are)
Oooooooohhhh God all by yourself
So gi ike nile n’aka heeeyaaa

Chorus: Continues with Adlibs…


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