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Anchor – Austin Feat. Jaddah



Anchor - Austin Feat. Jaddah

Versatile Gospel music minister, Austin Omozeje well known as Austin has released a brand new worship anthem titled “Anchor”, featuring talented vocalist and emerging Gospel singer Jaddah.

When a boat is in open water, away from a dock, nothing can keep it in place but an anchor. The anchor keeps the boat from drifting off in any direction. No wonder Hebrews calls hope “an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” That is what an anchor is for a boat, and that is what hope is for our souls.

Hebrews 6 tells us about two people who assure us that hope in God is an anchor for the soul. This song is a reminder that When the waters of life get rough, or when we can’t see the shore, let our hope in Jesus be the anchor for our souls.

According to Austin, “the song Anchor is a sound I got in the place of prayers during the lockdown and it explains in total what the Christian faith is all about; having our hope and trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anchor is about God’s goodness and love over His children and also a song of strength through every troubled storm”. Produced by MYNORKORD.

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LYRICS: Anchor – Austin Feat. Jaddah
Verse 1:
Hide me in your
Loving kindness
Keep my heart perfectly stayed on you
Open my heart
To yield and hold strong
To every of your promises to me
Anchor, you are to me
Anchor, my hope is you
Anchor, i depend on you God
Anchor, i will rest in you

You are my Anchor Lord
You are my firm foundation
You are my Anchor Lord
My faith is in you
Anchor, Lord

Verse 2:
God my Anchor
My safe Harbor
Grace and my safe place through tempest storm
Best of all friends
Hope in ages
Lord in your loving hands i make my boast
Anchor, you are to me
Anchor, my hope is yours
Anchor, i will rest in you God
Anchor, you are all i need

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You are the very air
I breath oh Lord
You are the very air
I breath oh Lord

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