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Download Now ENGRACED By Zoe Holyghost @HolyghostZoe

Now ENGRACED By Zoe Holyghost
Download Now ENGRACED By Zoe Holyghost

Cameroonian Gospel Artist, song writer, composer and Dancer Obase-Tekeh Elema C. popularly known as Zoe-Holyghost, drops her first song tittle ENGRACED, a song of Grace, and a song of reassurance to let the world know God’s grace is available and can be increased through submission to God’s will which is expressed in his word

ENGRACED which means”Endue with Grace/Given Grace” Most people including Christians believe u can get far in life if you don’t have connection, money, certain educational qualifications etc and it has been a limitation to many causing them to give up on their dreams, talents and even on themselves.

With Grace at work in you, there’s no limit to what or who u can become. Even salvation is by Grace and not merit. We see Gods grace at work in the life of these Bible characters :Esther, David, Peter, Joseph etc that Grace is still available today. it’s the greatest qualification anyone can have.

Grace is all you need be it in business, your Job, Marriage, Academics, Ministry, etc be conscious of his Grace in you and take advantage of it.

Zoe-Holyghost aside music is also a hair stylist and makeup Artist,

Download Now ENGRACED By Zoe Holyghost:

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Lyrics: ENGRACED By Zoe Holyghost

You’ve been Engraced
There’s sufficient Grace for you
God gives more Grace
Take advantage of the grace of God (2x)

All things are possible
By the grace of God
You can be what u want,
Have your desires,
And go where u want to go. (2x)

Grace gives u acceptance,
And grants u the advantage,
It gives you favour,
Joy, that makes you wanna smile again
Grace qualifies you,
And prepares you for greater things
All it takes, is to submit to the will of God

Don’t lean on education,
(You’ve been Engraced)
Don’t depend on connection
(You’ve been Engraced)
Don’t trust in your prowess
Trust in the grace of God
His Grace is all you need
Work in the light of it
There’s no limitation, with Grace at work in you


And now brethren,
I commend you to God
And to the word of his Grace which is available
To build u up
And give u an inheritance
Amongst all them which are sanctified in his glory

Do u believe it?
(I believe it)
Can u accept it?
(I accept it)
Now receive it
(I receive it)
Oh oh
(Lord ur Grace is enough for me) (2x)

Back to chorus:
The end.


Written by Kstereo

Kstereo is an African Gospel Musician, Choir Director, Voice Coach, Author, Blogger, Music Promoter and Gospel Waves Producer and is most notably known as the gospel dance hall GENERAL of this century. Kstereo (Olafusi Kayode Meshach) is a talented, refined multiactive young soul.


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