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The Salvation Song By Temitayo Adubi



The Salvation Song By Temitayo Adubi

The Salvation Song By Temitayo Adubi

Gospel Music Minister and Worship Leader, Temitayo Adubi Releases a song set to deliver and rescue souls to Christ titled “The Salvation Song”.

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Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you

Someone’s knocking at your door
The door of your heart to let him in
It’s Jesus your lover
Maker of the universe
It’s here to save you from your sins
He won’t condemn you, he’s just like that
Nothing can change his love for you
Nothing can beat his love
So Come on right here, accept his love
Come on right here accept his love

Come on right here, release your will
Accept him today
He loves you just the way you are
Accept him today
Today is the day of your salvation
Accept him today
He will never never condemn you
Accept him today.

Open up your heart
let him in
Don’t delay

Call & Resp:

Forgive me
I’m a sinner
I need you
Come in
To my heart
And change my world around
I accept you
As my personal
Lord and saviour
I need you
Thank you
For saving me
For saving me

Oh oh oh oh


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