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Dress Sense: Modesty



*Dress Sense*

Dress to save, not to kill
Dress to aid and to heal
Dress so God you praise
Dress so men you raise
Dress to win over a soul
Dress with self control
Dress decent and in order
Dress to help one another
Dress to shine God’s light
Dress like you’re alright

Dress like a worshipper
Dress like a true believer
Dress to correct their views
Dress to preach good news
Dress to give God reverence
Dress to be men’s reference
Dress like you ain’t poor
Dress as an ambassador
Dress to cover your nakedness
Dress to prevent recklessness

Dress so they see the God in you
Dress so their minds they renew
Dress not so as to pop their eyes
Dress rather to make them wise
Dress like you know you matter
Dress sharp no matter the matter
Dress like you’ve got dignity
Dress like you’re truly royalty
Dress like the king you are
Dress like you’re really a star

Dress as the queen God made you
Dress so they can take a cue
Dress sweet and smell good
Dress like a royal priesthood
Dress with a good scent
Dress like you’re God-sent
Dress to deliver the men
Save them from the lion’s den
Dress with a touch of elegance
Dress with a sense of relevance

Dress as one who has wisdom
Dress to represent the kingdom
Dress with a style of excellence
Dress to exude God’s presence
Dress like the brightness of dawn
Dress like you hail from Zion
Dress and then, wear a smile
Dress and step out in grand style
Dress to show people your Source
Dress to point them to Jesus

Dress the way you want to be addressed.


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