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Ekebigom By Chiaa (Video + Lyrics)



Ekebigom By Chiaa

Versatile US-based Minister, Chiaa comes through with another blockbuster brand new song titled “Ekpe Bi Go M”, a fusion of Igbo dialect and English to drive home the message inherent in the song.

Minister Chiaa said: “Ekpe Bi Go M“ means I have made up my mind,” which is a turning point song and the theme is built on reaffirming my dedication to the highest God. Listening to ekpebigom will surely cause you to pause and think about the important decisions you have to make in your life, especially choosing God.

This project came, following the release of her widely trending song “My God Is Great/Odogwu” which garnered over half a million views on Youtube, the

The inspiration for the song “Ekpebigom” came in 2015 when my family faced the most terrible situation of our lives, in spite of all that happening, we focused all our attention on God and our trust in Him increased more than ever, and suddenly things turned around for good.

The magic fingers behind the song are the production Dr. Ray Production and AVALONOKPE.
Get ready to be tremendously blessed by “Ekpe Bi Go M”. It is available on all digital platforms nationwide.

GET AUDIO HERE: Ekebigom – Chiaa

Watch Ekebigom By Chiaa Video:

LYRICS: Ekebigom By Chiaa
Ezi okwu m n’ile
I’ll tell you the truth
In my life
God has been faithful!
God has been God!

He has always been there for me
Through the rain, through the storm, through the fire
He never leaves me
I will follow Him Titi lialia

Chi anaro afu Anya
(The God we cannot see)
M’anyi n’afu ihe n’eme
(But we can see all He is doing)
Odighi ihe nyiri gi n’omume
(There is nothing impossible for you do do)
You are my Lord Jesus
You are my God

Ekpebigom n’ime obi mo (3X)
(I have decided in my heart)
Nani You are my God.

Invincible God, Miracle worker
The God of all flesh, yes You are
You showed me your goodness
You are my God

O’gbara nkiti okwu juru n’onu ya
(He keeps silent but still has a lot to say)
Odogwu Akataka Chineke udo
(The Mighty Warrior, God of peace)
I gosiwo m nezia
(You have shown me truly)
Gi bu Chim o rue ebighi ebi
(That You are my God for evermore)

Gi onye kwere na Nkwa n’ezi okwu ma
(You, who promised me truly)
Si n’abu mu nkpuru Nke Anya gi
(That I am the apple of your eyes)
Onye N’acho m okwu, n’acho Chi m okwu
(If one fights me, they are fighting my God)
Onye n’etim okpo n’eti akpa aja
(If you try to hurt me, you will get hurt)

Onye nwere Abraham na Nna
(As Abraham is our father)
Eeh maka Odighi ihe koro n’ya nene eluwa
(We lack nothin CD g good in this world)
You are my God Jesus
You are my God

Ebekue dike, dike ewere oso ma were ije gbataram oso eh
(I called on the mighty warrior, He quickly came to my rescue)
Agaghi m Efe chi ozo
(I will never serve another God)
Ha sim Efe na gi, agaghim ekwe ha
(If they ask me to reject You, I will never agree)

Ekpebigom – N’ime obi mo
Only you will be my God
In death or in life
I choose your way
Nani you are my God

Choose you this day hey
Whom you will serve
As for me and my household Baba
Nani you are my God

Ekpebigom – N’ime obi mo
Lekwe mo(3X)
(Here am I)
Chi mo
(My God)
You are enough for me Lord
No one else will do
Nani you are my God

You are more than enough
In every situation
I’ve made up my mind
I’ll follow up Lord
No turning back, no turning back
Nani you are my God


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