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Franca Onwufor – Able God [Lyrics]



Franca Onwufor - Able God

Fast rising Gospel music minister, Franca Onwufor debuts her single and EP “Able God”.

“What inspired this EP is my encounter with God & experiencing His mighty acts in so many ways. I have mind blowing testimonies and I want to make God famous through the gift of singing”, Franca said.

Franca started singing at her teenage age and has always been a lead vocalist. She served in campus fellowship choir, moved to Rccg peace sanctuary youth choir Benin, then moved to Abuja, where she joined Rccg living water choir, where she is still serving currently as the assistant choir coordinator.

Franca Onwufor is an anointed worshipper, gospel music artist inspired by the Holy spirit, and also a chef & baker by profession.

Ephesians 3:20 is the inspiration behind “ABLE GOD”.

Listen to Franca Onwufor – Able God Here:


Mighty God – Lyrics

Verse 1:

You pathed the sea

From the blast of your nostrils

You raised the dead

From the words of your mouth

You sent forth your words

To heal every disease

(Repeat Verse 1)


All power belongs to you

Mighty God

No one can do the things you do (Oh God)

All power belongs to you

Mighty God

No one can do the things you’ve done


Verse 2:

All knees will bow

At the mention of your name (Jesus)

Mountains bow down

And the seas will roar

At the sound of your voice

(Repeat Chorus)


We call you mighty God

(Repeat Chorus)

No one can do the things you do (Till Fade)


Able God – Lyrics


Our God is able


Our God is able

Verse 1:

You are able to do exceedingly


Much more I can never ever think (2x)

Oh Yes, You are


You are able

Faithful father (3x)

You are able to do exceedingly

(Back to Verse 1)

Praise Him (2x)

Praise Jehovah

Praise Him (2x)

I will shout Hallelujah

Praise Jehovah –
Praise Him
Praise Yahweh – Praise Him
I will sing Hallelujah
I will sing Hallelujah
Praise Yahweh – Praise Him

Call & Response;
Hallelujah, Lord you reign

You reign (3x)
Forever more
Hallelujah, Lord you reign

(Back to Chorus)

Lyrics: Power of the Lord

Let the power of the Lord come down
Let His glory be evident in my life (3x)

Oh oh oh oh
Let it rain
Oh oh oh oh
Let it rain
In my life
Let the power of the Lord
Let it come down in my spirit Soul and body
Let His glory be evident in my spirit
Let the power of the Lord
Let it come down on us (Oh Yeah)
Let His glory be evident in our lives

Repeat Chorus:
Let your power fall
Let your presence come down
Let your glory (2x)
Come down

Repeat Chorus:

Lyrics: Yeshua (Adonai)
Verse 1:
Adonai I worship you Lord
For who you are
I give you praise

Pre Chorus:
You are the God
That answer prayers
The almighty father
You are Jehovah
The mighty great I am

Yeshua, Hamashiach, Adonai
My all in all
Yeshua, Hamashiach, Adonia
My Everything

Verse 2:
I bow in worship for who you are
I praise your name Elshadai,
I bow in worship
For who you are
I praise your name

You made a way
Where there seem to be no way
You turn our sorrows into joy


Connect with Franca Onwufor on Social Media:
Twitter: @FrancaOnwufor
Instagram: francaonwufor
Facebook: Franca Onwufor Page
YouTube: Franca Onwufor

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