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Here with You – Benestelle (Official Video)



Here with You - Benestelle

International Gospel recording artiste, Benestelle releases “Here with You,” a new orchestral praise and worship song highlighting the everlasting and irreplaceable love of God. A soulful declaration that with Him all things are possible.

We usually remember that God is everywhere and ever present with us, but seldom to be in the moment with Him.
Benestelle underscores that being intentional about time with God is paramount in our lives. In retrospect, it can be deemed easy to become consumed with so many things, but quality time set aside with God is the key that realigns us with discovering why we exist. We were created in His image and likeness, to be fashioned more like Him, yet we need to dedicate time in His presence.

Benestelle, stemming from “Doing Us Good,” offers another dynamic message encouraging us to bask in the master’s arms. Let Him lead, guide and order our steps, as we enjoy the journey.

Watch the colorful, classy music video on YouTube and listen to Benestelle’s new single “Here With You” now available on all digital outlets.

GET AUDIO HERE: Here with You – Benestelle

Watch the video below:

LYRICS: Here with You – Benestelle
Jesus, Here is where I want to be
Jesus, here is where I want to stay
Your embrace is where I will always be
In your grace is where I will always stay

In my seasons, you are always here
Every moment, you are always here
You will never leave me, never forsake me
Till the end of time

Here in your presence, I find my place
Here In your presence, I stand my tallest
Here in your presence, I am in your embrace
And with you, all things are possible
And with you anything is possible

Here with you
Here with you
Here with you
Jesus here with you.


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Facebook: @TheOfficialBenestelle
Twitter: @Benestelle3
YouTube: Benestelle

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