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It’s Too Late – Pastor Ifeoma Eze



It's Too Late - Pastor Ifeoma Eze

Prolific Gospel minister, Pastor Ifeoma Eze drops a new single titled “It’s Too Late”, an answer, a song of praise and a declaration of the unshakeable faith she and all believers should have while serving God in both good and moments of despair!

It is a song received in a place of deep meditation and intercession for all who cry while they serve God, telling of God’s unending and unchanging faithfulness.

It is a story of how God has proved Himself faithful time and time again despite challenges.

With its rhythmic beats and strong lyrics, its practically impossible not to dance to its beautiful melody produced by ace music producer Manus.

While going through a difficult time with three loved ones including my Dad in the Mortuary, I had God’s existence questioned by the devil. The devil asked me if God exists, how come I was passing through such pain despite my uncommon and outstanding dedication to God and His Service, But I gave the devil this answer “It’s Too Late” for you to be asking me, God existence.

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LYRICS: It’s Too Late – Pastor Ifeoma Eze
Verse 1:
It is too late for anyone to tell me that
My God doesn’t exist….
He’s proved Himself so real
So many times again
No matter how I feel

Oh oh oh
He’s God all by Himself
Oh oh oh
What He can’t do doesn’t exist
Oh oh oh
He’s faithful by Himself
There’s no doubt
He does exist

Verse 2:
Too faithful to Fail
Making me Prevail
Despite My Weak Frail
When things are good
He exists
When things are bad
He exists
When things are tough
He still exists

My God still exists
My God still exists
My God still exists
It’s too late to not believe
It’s too late to not believe
It’s too late to not believe

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