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Kiss In Marriage



Kiss In Marriage

Pastor Bisi Adewale

As married couple, there are some things that must be in your marriage for your marriage to be on the positive side of matrimony. This is what I call kiss principle of marriage.

Kiss In Marriage

1. ‘K’ – Kindness:

You must learn to be kind to each other, do anything to show kindness and love. Speak kind words to your mate, relate kindly, act kindly and operate kindly. Be generally kind to your spouse, do not allow anger to degenerate in to bitterness, deal with anger, forgive your spouse and reconcile.

2. ‘I’ – Intimacy:

Do everything to draw closer to your mate, create bonding and togetherness. Don’t just join your hands together, join your mind. Don’t just join your body, join your soul. Don’t just be alike, be the same. Be intimate, be friendly, be interwoven, be available to each other, and let the Lord take the glory. Kiss In Marriage.

3. ‘S’ – Support: Give adequate support to each other. Be a pillar, refuge and shield to your spouse. Give moral, physical, financial, spiritual and mental support to your mate. Never leave your spouse desolate nor defenseless, you are the only one he or she has. Please do not disappoint but give support. Be there for the one you married. Marriage is not just about sex and romance, it is about all round support and supply of energy to you mate.

4. ‘S’ – Surprise: Give your marriage a new meaning by learning how to always surprise your mate with a good deed. Cultivate the habit of giving surprise gifts, birthday bash, surprise date, surprise visit in the office. Give room for surprise elements in your marriage and try to impress each other with positive surprises. Do something that will make your spouse cry for joy, do this without telling him or her ahead of time .Kiss In Marriage

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus name

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