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Modupe Temi – Ay Praise [Free Mp3 Download + Lyrics]



Modupe Temi - Ay Praise

Prolific Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, AY PRAISE (Adeleke Ayodeji Olugbemi) releases a brand new song titled “Modupe Temi”, an inspirational and powerful song that would lift up our spirit and soul to worship our maker and the giver of life.

I was inspired and led by the spirit of the living GOD to composed the single “Modupe Temi” for us to be always appreciative and always give Thanks to the Lord for all his good deeds and for his loving-kindness towards the mankind – AY PRAISE.
MODUPE TEMI, is full of inspirational messages that would energize us to always appreciate GOD in any challenges we might find ourselves.

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Lyrics: Modupe Temi – Ay Praise

Modupe temi (2x)
Ore Baba se laye mi
Modupe temi (2x)
Ore baba se laye mi

Dupe tire Ore mi
Dupe tire
Ore oluwa po laye re
Kose royin tan
Dupe tire Ore mi
Dupe tire
Ore oluwa po laye re
Kose fenuso.

Back to Chorus…..

Oku toti ku,
ni ko’le yin o mo o
aro ti ko lese won yin baba
Eniti koloju
korin ope si i
a o fi yo won,
a nfi gbe Baba ga ni
O yawere,
O bugije
O wa nkun,
oni oti su o.

Back to chorus…..

Dupe tire (2x)
Losi’le iwosan
Wa ro’un to sele ye
O wa nkun,
O ni Kosowo,
oja ota Ki’la o ti seyi si na
O je ronu jin’le
O je korin ope si
Ayo ni to’molorun
Wa a ra yo

Back to Chorus…..

Ki lon se o?
Tiko se nikan ri
Owa kariso
O je mayin baba
O je korin ope si
Wa a layo O o
Lia pe ojo.

Back to Chorus…

Call: A mope wa wa
Resp: Tewo gbope E wa
Call: A mu Jo wa wa
Resp: Tewo gba Jo O wa
Call: Olorun to ga to ga
ju awon oke nla ah a
Resp: Eyin nikan lotosi lati
Gba ope
Call: E ro ota ni wipe
Resp: Ka lo soko,
Ka lo sodo kamale wale
mo agbara re lo re
Iku danu baba ose o
Call: Ah ah ah ah
A mo’re re o
Resp: Olorun to ga ah ah
a mope wa wa
Call: Awa fope iyin
Feledumare baba wa O
Resp: Olorun to ga ah ah
a mope wa wa
Call: Ero ota ni wipe

Resp: Kalo soko, Kalo sodo
Kama le wale mo
agbara re lo re iku
danu baba o se o

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