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Music (Audio + Lyrics): Magi – Tupi Runo feat. Samsong @Tupiruno1 @samsongfans



Magi by Tupi Runo Ft. Samsong

Magi by Tupi Runo Ft. Samsong
Magi by Tupi Runo Ft. Samsong
Come and magnify, magnify the lord with me, He is done marvelous things. God is the source of our breakthrough and the keeper of our lives.

“I’m very delighted and honoured to have my big brother, Samsong join me on this song. Please listen to the song. It will bless you.”

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Magi by Tupi Runo Ft. Samsong:

Lyrics – Magi by Tupi Runo Ft. Samsong:
E get one lady her name na magi
She came to the church to give magi [2x ]
Which kind magi be that e ooo
White magi ? No
Yellow magi ? No
Brown magi ? No
Ok na which magi [2x]

Let God be mangnified e ooo
Magi magnified e oooo [4×]
You are the almighty God
Agbadagbururu (miracle worker) na your name o
When u say yes is yes your no na your no
No one dey like u ooo
Magnify the lord with me let’s exhort his name together

For the things e dey do for me and you dey sweet our body
Eagles let him hear u say
Na you be the ogbonge (stand still) papa
Na u be the king of kings
Na u be the Lord of lords
Everlasting Father ancient of days nobody be like you
Let God be magnified eoo
Magi magnified eooo (4×)

I stand amaze at the things you do
You never change and your love is true
That is why my heart always pants for you
Bcos you have done what no one else would do
Everybody everybody come and join me dance
Magnify the lord with me bcos he has done me well
The goodness of the lord dey make me want to testify

EzeBube (GreatKing) bianarekele
Eagles let him hear you
Eledumare Abasibomkenyo you are the most high God
Ogwokogwoko1 Agunechemba 1 osinawataburogharanya
Somebody anybody magnify.
Let God be mangified eooo
Magi maginfied e ooo (4×)

For all the things he has done
For all, the battles won
He changed my life
Join me say we kobiruo (3×)

Come and magnify, magnify the lord with me
He is done marvelous things (2x)
Wegbehako ghene me Let’s Dance for our God.


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