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Audio + Video + Lyrics: I MADE IT – Fantasis ft. Tye Tribbett

Download Audio+Video+Lyrics: I MADE IT – Fantasis Ft. Tye Tribbett


“I Made It” is a song recorded by American singer Fantasia, featuring American singer-songwriter Tye Tribbett. It was written and produced by Tribbett and David Outing for Fantasia’s fifth studio album, The Definition Of… (2016). Tribett developed it in collaboration with Fantasia, blending her personal testimony and his experiences with God into the lyrics. Fantasia described it as a highly personal song, explaining that it was about refusing to let people control her and moving forward from her past struggles. “I Made It” is an uptempo gospel record and its lyrics revolve around an appreciation for God and faith.

“I Made It” received generally positive reviews from music critics who praised its composition and cited it as a reason that Fantasia should record a gospel album. Mixed responses to the song were more critical of its sound and its reflection of the album as a whole. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart, and remained on the charts for 24 weeks. Fantasia first performed the track on a BET concert special. She also sang it on Good Morning America, as well as on Tribbett’s show Joyful Noise. Her performances on Good Morning America and Joyful Noise were met with positive feedback.

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I done made it through the storm and the rain
So much pressure, heartache, so much pain
I’ve been broken into pieces, maybe more
Some nights I made my bed right on the floor
The emeny really tried to take me out
Hit me with his best shot and knocked me down
But I’m still standing after all I’ve been through
I survived it all and this because of you

Woah, oh oh, I made it
I made it, yeah
I made it (Yes I did)
I made it (Still standing)
I made it (Lemme hear the horns, let’s go)

I remember all those days I walked in shame
Only recognized for all of my mistakes
The ones I thought would stay walked right out the door
Swear I thought my heart could take no more
But you’re the only one that really loved me
When everybody else just didn’t care
You’re the only one that never left me

(Here we go)
Oh, oh oh, I made it
I made it, yeah
I made it (Good God Almighty)
I made it (Still standing)
I made it, I made it
I made it, I made it
I made it

Everybody say oh
Oh, oh oh

Everybody say oh
Oh, oh oh

Everybody say oh
Oh, oh oh

Everybody say oh
Oh, oh oh

I just wanna say
(Thank you Lord)
I gotta say thank you, I gotta say thank you Lord
(Thank you Lord)
Thank you, thank you Lord
(Thank you Lord)
I would have never, never, never, never made it without you
(Thank you Lord)
I just wanna say
(Thank you Lord)
Thank you Lord, for never leaving me
(Thank you Lord)
Thank you Lord, for keeping me Lord Jesus (Thank you Lord)
I made it, I made it, I made it I made it (Thank you Lord)

So grateful Jesus
Thank you
I said thank you

Thank you Lord Jesus

Written by Kstereo

Kstereo is an African Gospel Musician, Choir Director, Voice Coach, Author, Blogger, Music Promoter and Gospel Waves Producer and is most notably known as the gospel dance hall GENERAL of this century. Kstereo (Olafusi Kayode Meshach) is a talented, refined multiactive young soul.


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