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Na You Be God – Tupi Runo [Mp3 + Lyrics]



Na You Be God - Tupi Runo

Gospel Music Minister and prolific song writer, Tupi Runo releases a brand new single and video titled “Na You Be God”, a song birthed from a deep worship experience in God after a study of my father, Pastor E.A. Adeboye’s worship lifestyle and the way he reverences God with so much humility and great adoration.

“God is indeed awesome. None can be compared to Him. Words can’t express how great God is.”

Music producer: Victor Okon (Etrax studios)
Backups and Instrumentals: D Eagles
Video director: Wednesday

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LYRICS: Na You Be God – Tupi Runo
To the Almighty God
The Ogwokogwoko1of the universe
Onanananena ….. Gbegerist

Na You be God o
Omnipotent God
Na You be God o
Omniscience God
You set my feet on the rock to stay eee na You be God o the one wey I know

Verse 1:
When i was a little boy i heard about your name and your power
I took my bible and I studied about your word
Your works are so marvelous human eyes can see all the birds they clap their hands to glorify your name
All the Angel’s above they sing hallelujah to your name every creature you made sing praise to you
Me myself I know about your goodness and mercies and that is why i am singing this song to you Almighty God

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
John 3:16 tells me about your love and your grace how you sent your only son to die for my sins
Many of my mates are dead many are nowhere to be found
But here I am hale and hearty. You alone deserve my praise
The 24 elders they cast their crown before your feet the host of heaven they shout hallelujah to your name
Take all the praise my God I give it all to you. I bow my head to you to say vwekobiruo.

Repeat Chorus

Musical interlude:

Daddy E A Adeboye:
Surely you are the greatest
You are greater than the greatest
You are higher than the highest
You are better than the best
You are wiser than the wisest
Surely you are older than the oldest
You are the all sufficient God
Because all power belongs to you

You are bigger than the biggest
You are greater than the greatest
You are wiser than the wisest
Wisest God, that’s who you are….

You are holier than the holiest
You are mightier than the mightiest
You are stronger than the strongest strongest God that’s who you are…

You are bigger than the biggest
You are greater than the greatest
You are wiser than the wisest
Wisest God, that’s who you are….

Repeat chorus

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