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On His Mind- Ebi Oginni (Mp3 Download)



On His Mind- Ebi Oginni

Nigerian-born Irish anointed gospel singer, songwriter and doctor, Ebi Oginni drops her brand new single titled “On His Mind”. “On His Mind” was written when I was in University and pretty much constantly broke, I’m sure you can relate. I wrote it as a reminder, that God would always take care of me, and he did, sometimes, I didn’t know where my next meal would come from, but it came. I hope that when people listen to the song, they are reminded that the God who made this incredible universe and takes care of all of nature, is constantly thinking about them to do them good”.

Minister Ebi Oginni has dedicated her time to healing the people around her through the power in the name of Jesus. She currently balances working as a paediatrician during the day with writing songs during her free time that she hopes will bring healing to her listeners.
“Someday Soon” and “On His Mind” are two soulful inspiring songs that remind us of God’s love, that no matter what we are going through, God will surely come through for us.

Ebi shares the inspiration behind both songs this way, “Someday Soon” was inspired by watching someone dear to me go through a difficult season. I began writing it hoping to inspire this person to keep going and to not give up. The last year has also been filled with many people going through heartbreak and despair. The song also talks about failure, a universal topic that we will all experience in one form or the other. My hope is that as people listen to the song, they’ll hear that it’s okay to fail, as long as you get back up. Ultimately, my prayer is that people find inspiration in the words of the song to keep putting one foot in front of the other”.

Ebi is currently working on her debut album titled “HOPE”. According to her, this album will feature songs that have been written during the pandemic to bring encouragement and hope to people, to keep them moving forward, no matter what.

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