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She gave me a bad look.



SHE GAVE ME A BAD LOOK, BUT IT WAS GOOD FOR ME : I went to my office in a cooperate dress. From the office, I was going for a ministration that I needed to put on a native dress. When it was time to leave office , I changed my cloth to the native dress and I drove off.

I got to a place and I needed to buy handkerchief, as I was stepping down from the car, a lady looked at me pleasantly, then suddenly, I saw her looking at my legs and she gave a bad look. I was thinking in my mind, whats wrong with this lady. She just said ‘Good evening sir’ I answered her and bought the handkerchief and left. As I was stepping back into the car, I just noticed my socks was still on my legs. Normally, I don’t wear socks when I wear a native dress. I guess the lady too knows that fashion rule and she must have thought to herself that, as handsome and as good looking this man is, how could he wear socks on a native dress?. She might not really have the courage to correct me face to face, but her ‘bad ‘ look did the correction. In actual fact, I totally forgot to remove the socks and if not that I met the lady and she gave me that ‘bad’ look that made me check my legs and pull of the socks, I could just be feeling great in error and getting to where to minister, only for people to be looking at me like someone who does not know fashion rule and that can make me look like a ‘bush pastor’ to them.

Dear readers, this is where I am going, it is not every ‘bad’ eyes people give you that are really bad. Those criticism, those corrections, those rejection, those ‘Nos’ , those 👎 👎 we sometimes get from people, from our friends, our partners, from our parents , from our mentors , from our employers, may actually not really be bad. They might just be to point our attention to where we are missing it. It might just be to point us to our areas of weaknesses , deficiency, and areas where we need to remove the ‘socks’ we are wearing on our ‘native dresses’

So , when next anyone gives you a ‘bad eyes’, don’t be too fast to conclude that, it is because they hate you or see you as ‘ugly’. It might just be a way of calling your attention to that ‘socks’ on your ‘native dress’ that, if you fail to remove it privately now that you are in still in the ‘car’, it might disgrace your entire image before people when you get to where you are going.
Not all criticisms are bad. Some are for our good. When next you get this eyes 😏😏😏😏 from people, kindly check ‘your legs’ ,you might be putting on socks on your ‘agbada’ dress. Quickly adjust so you can be presentable and fit for destiny assignment you are going for.

Thanks for reading.

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© Ebenezer Diyaolu

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