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Stand In The Gap By Oluphemee (Audio & Video)



Stand In The Gap By Oluphemee

Stand In The Gap By Oluphemee

Oluphemee is a gifted music minister blessed with charming voice and soul-inspiring compositions. He has been in music ministry right from his tender age as a juvenile chorister, and has since grown to be coordinating music at different capacities. He leads a gospel band known as The El-diversio Retinues. He has been privileged to record many tracks over the years as a featured artist. His music style and genres are diverse in kinds because he believes God as a God of all diversities. Thus, his compositions cut across different styles and genres. Oluphemee is poised to shining the light of the Gospel of Christ with his music to the nooks and crannies of the earth. He lives to be the joy of generations. He is kind-hearted and fun to be with; highly devout and courteous. Enjoy as you explore his music.

About the Song:

Stand In The Gap is a prayer song unto God, for the Healing and Redemption of the country Nigeria.

Listen to Stand In The Gap By Oluphemee Here:
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Oh Lord, we’ve come to seek your face

Hear us today, as we intercede on behalf of our land

Intro: Oh oh oh………
Verse 1:

Lord, we pray for Your mercy.

Lord, we pray for Your grace.

Lord, we pray for Your mercy.

And we pray for Your grace.

Lord, we pray for deliverance from the bondage of sin.

We pray, we pray! Please hear!
Our eyes, we lift to You.

Unto You our voices cry.

Daily we wallow in pains.

Fading ‘n’ waning, daily our hope seems.

Yesterday was about the news of hundred deaths in a suicide bombing.

Little children crying for help!

No food to eat; is the news for today. S

o blessed we are.

A nation flowing with milk and honey.

But here we are; poverty stricken, underdeveloped.

Lord, we pray. Please hear.

Verse 2:

We cried for change after all the pains we’ve been through / from successive governments.

Now we’ve got a new one.

Here we go again; trying to explain how much has changed.

Have we really got something to write about on change? Oh oh…
People are looting public funds while countless graduates are yet unemployed.

Darkness prevailing; economy declining. Lord, we cry please hear………. O God!


We stand in the gap/3x Please hear us Lord. We stand in the gap/2x …

Chorus: Please, hear Lord/2x
Heal our land. (Repeat 4x)



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