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Start up day with this



May the Power of the Lord hold me.
May the Spirit of the Lord fill me up.
May the Wisdom of the Lord guide me through.
May the Knowledge of His will direct my decisions.
May the Understanding of His plans occupy my heart.
May His Grace sustain me always.
May His favor surround me always.
May His Mercy be upon me all the time.
May His Glory cover me.
May His eyes never leave me.
May His hand Guide all my endeavors.
May He fight my battles.
May He thunder upon my foes.
May He grant me Continual Victories.
May He name be praised forever.
May my eyes never depart from the glories of Heaven.
May my heart never depart from His presence.
May I stand in Him till I step on the Golden Street.
May I finish my race standing in the Beauties of Heaven.

Mount Zion ministries

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