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Start up your day with this



May the Lord be my Power in the time of my Weakness.
May the Lord be my Strength in the Days of my Fainting.
May the Lord be my Vision in the days my Spiritual eyes are dimming.
May the Lord be my knowledge in the time, the World begins to confuse my heart.
May the Lord be my Wisdom, in the time I am getting confusions instead of directions.
May the Lord be my Inspirations in the times my Spirit begins to lose focus.
May the Lord raise helps in the time I begin to feel lonely.
May the Lord be with me.
May the Lord be my Support.
May the Lord give me Help.
May the Lord be my Inspirations.
May the Lord fill my Heart with His glory.
May the Lord fill my Spirit with His love.
May the Lord fill me with the Thought of His Power.
May the Lord occupy my Heart with the thought of Heaven.

Culled from Mount Zion ministries int’l page.

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