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Start up your day with this.



May the Lord be with me.
May the LORD be my Guide.
May the Lord be my Shield.
May the Lord be my Refuge place.
May the Lord be my Strong Tower.
May the Lord be my Supporter.
May the Lord be my Defender.
May the Lord be my Light.
May the Lord be my Rock of Defense.
May He lead me continually.
May He guide my feet.
May He protect me from all evils.
May He lead me into Path of Righteousness.
May the Lord grants me His Favor.
May He lift me up.
May the Lord brighten my path.
May the Lord help me.
May the Lord encourage me with astounding miracles.
May the Lord inspire me with amazing surprises.
May the Lord bless me indeed.
May He hold my hand and lead me.
May I find my Rest in His Kingdom forever.
May I get to Heaven at Last.

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