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Sermon: The Lord has need of it By Pastor Segun Ikuemonisan



The Lord has need of it By Pastor Segun Ikuemonisan

The Lord has need of it By Pastor Segun Ikuemonisan. Pastor Segun Ikuemonisan is the Pastor of Destiny Place, Abuja, Nigeria. He is a seasonal preacher of the word of God with signs and wonders.
The text for this sermon is taken from the book of Matthew 21:1-11. Your donkey had been tied for a very long time, and it seems up till now, there is no use for the donkey. Pastor Segun mentioned about a man at the beautiful gate, who was born lame, and all his life had been restricted, he was dependent.

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Maybe you also felt you have been tied to a spot, and you are saying at this point of my life, I should be able to get things done by myself and for myself, at this phase of my life, I should be able to stand on my own and give support and not need support (like the lame man at the beautiful gate in Acts 3) and you’re wondering when will this be?

If you are in a season of life right now, when you feel a restriction upon you and it seems as if though you try to go the left and the right, but you are pressed in on every side, and it shows like you’re kept at a spot, and there are not so much to you, and there are many questions, and there are no answers. And it looks like every other person is making head-ways in their life, but you’re at that point. You are about to enter moment in your life, where everything will make sense, you’re about to enter into a season of your life, where you will find that you are preserved for a purpose. You’re about to enter into a season of your life, where the Pharaoh who holds you down will hear the word of the Lord, saying, let my people go, that they may serve me.

Very soon, the chains in your hand and feet will fall off, very soon you will be able to enter the places you’ve dreamt of entering, very soon you will be able to do more than you could have imagine, very soon the things that you joke about and they look like fantasies will become your reality. Very soon, you will walk into places that seemed restricted to you, very soon you will talk to people that are leagues above you, very soon, you will walk into places where you’re not qualify by yourself, in yourself, of yourself to enter. Very soon there will be nothing practically literally impossible for you, in the mighty name of Jesus.

I announced to you, very soon your pain will be in the past tense, very soon, you will look back and say, God what have you done with my life. I never imagine this could be me.

God is searching for a man, someone who will get over themselves and connect to higher purpose. God needs someone who will forget about their present troubles, trails and challenges and begin to believe for their testimonies.

There is so much more God can do when the people are ready for the master’s use, put everything at the Maters’ hand

You can do so many amazing things with everything that had not worked in your life, but the key that unlock everything is being “the master’s use.


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