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Bishop Oyedepo’s Sermon at RCCG HOLYGHOST CONVENTION “Understanding The Wonders in Praise”



Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop Oyedepo

Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop OyedepO

Talk 2: @DavidOyedepoMin Bishop David Oyedepo
Text: Psalm 47:7
Topic: Understanding The wonders in praise

Hallelujah means praise ye the Lord.


What is in Praise?

Most people think praise is the response to the act of God in our life, but we do not only praise God about what he has done, but about what we desire for him to do for us.

We provoke God’s intervention with praise.

Divine virtues in praise that results in wonders that praise provokes in the life of Gods people.

1. The presence of God is in praise. God inhabits the praises of his people in spirit and truth.

Praise is God’s spiritual habitat. Psalm 22:3
Psalm 114:1-9’psalm 29:3; Isaiah 29:21-30
2. The voice of God comes clear in the midst of praise and makes us more than conqueror.

2Sam.5:18-22 Isaiah 30:29:30

Listen to Sermon, Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop Oyedepo:


3. God’s presence always attract favour. Acts 2:1-7 Praise is an atmosphere for God to release his favour mark 6:21-23
God unleashes his favour when you praise him to the fullest.
4. Praise provides access into God’s blessings. Psalm 16:11
5. When you praise God, you cannot lack access to revelation that will turn your situation around. Stop complaining, murmuring because they will only complicate your situation. In everything respond with praise because Jesus can not mis-manage your life.
If you murmur against your helper, when will your help come?

Revelation is facilitated by praise.
Everyone dramatic turnaround is a function of his depth of revelation in the Lord

6. Supernatural breakthroughs is in praise 2 chronicles .20:17&22; Joshua 6:20

7. Fresh oil is in praise. Psalm 92:1-2;10 *It takes fresh oil to command impact Psalm 89:20-24

8. 2Chro.5:13-14 The Glory of God is in praise.You will live permanently under the glory cloud. Hab.3:17-19

Praise is not a gift but a commandment

Until you defeat God, you cannot defeat a praising church and christian.

Get a new garment of praise.


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