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You Do Well – Uju Valentine



You Do Well - Uju Valentine

Gospel music minister, Uju Valentine returns with yet another brand new single titled “You do Well”, a mid-tempo, heartwarming, and thanksgiving sound with enlivening lyrics that express the wondrous working power of God.

It’s a song born out of a personal encounter with God that can calm the storms of life at any time He chose, no matter how turbulent it could be.

Yes, I had my baby in September instead of the EDD slated for December. It’s a long story but this single intends to raise hearts and voices of thanksgiving to the ever merciful God. After being delayed, it is by divine orchestration that it is released now, reminding us that irrespective of the chaos that has hit the world, God is still good and faithful – Uju Valentine.
Praise God..

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Lyrics: You Do well – Uju Valentine
Jesus, oh we’re grateful for your good works and we’ve come to thank you.

Verse 1:
Make I tell una a tori’ o,
maka wetin God dey do uh uh,
You do am make the world tremble,
You do am make we fear him,
Gave His Angels charge over me,
to keep me in all my ways,
to shield me
I still dey talk about the one you do,
you do another one(do another one o),
turn my mourning to dancing,
gave me beauty for ashes
You make people keep asking me,
wetin dey make fine (wetin dey make me fine o) oh Papa,
The kind of things you do

Papa you do well o (4x)
You do wonders,
you do the unimaginable,
dependable Papa (2x)

Verse 2:
Your handiworks are beautiful,
I can testify
You walked upon the waters and calmed the raging storm
You do the unpredictable,
miracle papa
What manner of man are you that nature and situations,
they obey Your command,
even to the last order,
ebilimmiri n’edere duu n’agha gi o

Papa you do well o (4x)
You do wonders,
you do the unimaginable,
dependable Papa (2x)

Verse 3:
Intentional Papa,
reliable Papa mu o,
incredible Papa,
Ihe gi atogbuelanu muo,
ihe dika gi akonamuo,
enwezugagi gini Kam ga-eme,
obiajulumu o,
obiajulumu o


Call–Okaka eee
Response– You do well o daalu olu
Call —Omemma e,
Response –you do well oo
Call—You lift me from the miry clay
Response– you do well o,
daalu olu
Call–set my feet upon the rock to stand
Response–You do well o
Call– what do I render to you
Response–you do well o,
daalu olu

Call–for how you carried my burdens away
Response–you do well o
Call– Gini Kam ga-enye gi e,
Response–you do well o,
daalu olu

Call—maka olu oma gi,

maka ebere gi (you do well o) n’ifunanya oh

For taking away the shame and the pain (you do well o, daalu olu)

Call–afoma gi bara uba n’ebe anyi no daddy(you do well o)
Give you money,
I no do,
give you kpomo,
I no go do,
give you motor,
I no go o,
You do well o

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YouTube: @Ujuvalentine
Instagram: @ujuvalentine

Kstereo is an African Gospel Musician, Choir Director, Voice Coach, Author, Blogger, Music Promoter and Gospel Waves Producer and he is most notably known as the gospel dance hall GENERAL of this century. Kstereo (Olafusi Kayode Meshach) is a talented, refined multi-active young soul.

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