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“Are you really saying that only Christians will make it to heaven? READ Pastor SEGUN’s Answer.



A couple of years ago, a lady in church came to me with a question, weeping. She had just lost a dear friend. “Are you really saying that only Christians will make it to heaven? What if we get there and find out that we were wrong and other religions were actually right?”, she asked. Her friend was of another religion. I was in a dilemma. How do I manage her current grief and yet not tamper with the truth about the eternal destinies of men?

Most people, especially lawyers, are familiar with the concept that moral justice is different from legal justice. This means that what the general public thinks is right is not necessarily the same with the court of law. It is a court of law, not of opinion. Certain things are apparently unfair, but unfortunately, we are not part of the sovereign governing body of the universe. Opinions don’t really count.

I know that most religions, if not all, agree that man has a need (for God). We agree with the fact that we are born with a nature that needs to be fixed, mostly. Where we don’t agree is the “how”. It makes moral sense that if you do more good than bad, you may be lucky; but who is the Judge? It makes moral sense that if you ask the Sovereign to forgive you every time you do wrong, you may be lucky… but it could still be a gamble.

This gamble is unsafe. The question would be, how much good could you possibly do to stack up to, or even surpass the bad. How do you measure? Your scale or that of the Judge? If you ask the Judge of the universe to forgive (let’s even assume he does), can you walk away totally sure the offence would never be an issue again? Just hoping, right? There are many more questions actually.

The TRUTH is that someone has to pay for all the bad in you and all the bad you’ve done. Your actions, good or bad, can’t sort it BECAUSE SIN IS LIKE A SICKNESS AND OUR ACTIONS ARE LIKE SYMPTOMS (our actions can’t self-cure). The sentence is eternal punishment. You either pay or you accept the prescribed grounds for being declared free – the payment of a qualified another. HE IS JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD. HE HAS TAKEN OUR JUDGMENT IN HIS DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION. That’s the only valid ground for forgiveness, otherwise it’s a fleeting and whimsical forgiveness.

Your head is fighting this, but your heart knows this. Silence the arguments today. Make a move to meet God – on His terms. Settle your eternal destiny today. You don’t have to pay for your sins. Don’t leave your life to chance. And if you’ve already sealed the deal, don’t let anymore people in your circle live and depart unsure!

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