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Congratulation – Chinyere Euphemia



Congratulation - Chinyere Euphemia

To start up your Year, Chinyere Euphemia decided to Release a Prophetic song title “Congratulations”.

No matter how 2020 was, one thing is sure 2021 and beyond will be your year of Congratulation. Only Congratulation is permitted in your life.


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Lyrics: Congratulation – Chinyere Euphemia

King of Glory, you have answer my prayers
Destiny changer, you have change my story
Giver of children you have answer for me ooo
Lion of Judea, finally you fight for me
Ocean divided, you have divid the red on my way
Only congratulations is permitted in my life (chorus)
Okwa Chukwu na eme Eze (is God that made kings)
Okwa Chukwu na eme ogalaya
(Is God that gives Riches)
Onyinye Chukwu adighi eme ya na ike
(The gift of God is not by force)
Onye Chi mere Eze na Eze ka oga aburiri eee
Thank you JESUS for giving victory
Where l was rejected am now celebrated
Instead of disgrace you have given me your grace
Instead of shame l have received honour
My disappointment have turn to appointment
Chioma akewego akwa mbochi
(My God have divided the vile of hindrance) okwa unu afugo mmadu abu gi Chi ibeya ( man is not God)
You gave me peace ooo, you gave me joy
You gave me promotion and you made me a success
Congratulations 3x
That is what l want to hear (chorus)
Only congratulations is permitted in my life, congratulations 5× now hear this ,
This is my time of joy is a jubilation time, is a time to celebrate am head not a tail, am giver not a beggar, am a winner not a loser,
Victor not a victim,
Am a blessing not a course the lord has given power to tread on serpent and scorpion and by no means that shall not hurt me ooo
Na ebekwanu ( for where)
Congratulations 8x
The end.

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