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Hanu Na Wuta – Tido Moses



Hanu Na Wuta - Tido Moses

Hanu Na Wuta – Tido Moses

Minister Tido Moses is anointed minister who has written quite a number of songs that has blessed lives, HANUNA NA WUTA came via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit when he was ministering to the Lord with his acoustic guitar. He felt a burning sensation like fire passing through his hands as he was playing. This song has been a tremendous blessing and has set the hearts of people on fire for Jesus.


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Lyrics: Hanu Na Wuta – Tido Moses
ooohohoho yeh

our hands are lifted
we thank you Jesus
I feel the fire
yeee yeah

Verse 1 Lead
I feel the fire
I feel the Holy spirit
fill me Lord, fill me Lord
I feel the fire
I feel the Holy spirit
fill me Lord, fill me Lord
In humble adoration
we now before your throne
knowing that you’re God
you’ll deliver

Chorus Lead
Hanu na wuta
Hanuna na wuta
Chike da ruhun maisarki
Chike da ruhun maisarki

(repeat 2x)

Verse 2 (Lead & back ups)
my hands can heal the sick the deaf
my hands can raise the dead again
my hands my hands 2X

(repeat chorus by all)

fill me with your fire

hana yena na wuta (3x)
da ruhun maisarki
(repeat 2x)

(back to chorus)



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